How To Buy And Sell Stocks/Shares For Beginners 2021

Before reading this post, you need to know what is share market and how to open an account to invest in share market, if you already have Demat account then this post will be helpful for you.

Important:- This post is for beginners. Which is interesting to have knowledge of share market. "How to Analyze the Stock of any company before buying it and how the shares of any company are bought and sold"

How To Buy And Sell Stocks/Shares For Beginners 2021

Before buying shares of any company, you should know about that company very well and this is possible only when you know how to do analysis well. Which company would you like to be a partner of, it depends on all the points mentioned below, the company whose products are better and whose services are also better and the future of that company is bright, you will invest in that company.

  • 1. The company whose shares you are about to buy. What does that company do and how is its future going to be.
  • 2. You have to know about that company that how much return that company has given in the last 6 months or in 1 year and 5 years. Then you should think about investing in that company.

Analysis Share Market

There are many websites on the Internet, with the help of which you can keep an eye on the market. But here I will tell you about 2 trusted websites.


National Stock Exchange OF India [Nifty 50]

Tickertape - On this website, you are given the option of screening, with the help of which you can screen the entire market and keep an eye on them. In this, you are also given filter options like:-

  • Nifty 50
  • NIFTY Midcap 100
  • Nifty 100
  • NIFTY Smallcap 100
  • Nifty 500
  • Stock Universe - Investing Blog and Tech Stock Portfolio

Top 10 Nifty 50 Companies For Analysis
Top 10 Nifty 50 Companies For Analysis

You can select your accounting from these. As I selected Nifty 50 then the list of Nifty 50 top companies will be shown in front of you. And the entire share market depends on it. From here you will get the details of any company like company name, sub-sector, market cap, close prices, etc.

For Example

Here I want to know about Reliance Industries Limited Companies then first of all I will click on it now you can see Reliance Industries has given 0.81% return in last 1 month and -1.50% in last 1 year . (Means if you had invested Rs 1 lakh in it in the last 1Months, then your return would have become 1,68,000.) - STOCK CALCULATOR

Reliance Industries Ltd
Reliance Industries Ltd

  1. Go to - 
  2. < Tool of the trade < Screener 
  3. Stock Universe <Select Nifty 50
Click Reliance Industries LTD

Reliance Industries LTD [1 Day Analysis]

Here you can analyze it in more details by clicking on the arrow . So friends, here I told you the basic about the top Nifty 50 companies, from where you have to analyze a company, which company is giving good return, which is a trusted company and some basic knowledge about the company such as its sector what is the name of company. ETC

Here we have seen the analysis of the last 1 day of Reliance Industries, if you want, you can also see 1 month, 1 year.

Stock Market Sector Wise Performance and Analysis

Friends, if you want, you can also do sector wise data analysis of the company here, as if you want to analyze a health company, then you should do the health care filter. Now you will see a list of some health care companies that deal in health.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Analysis

The way we have analyzed Reliance Industries company, in the same way we can analyze all the companies and see their graph. Last 1D, 1M, 1Y, MAXIMUM
  1. Go to - 
  2. < Tool of the trade < Screener 
  3. Sector <Health Care

For example, Here (Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited ) we have to analyze the company, then click on it, now you can analyze it for the last 6 months and 1 year, click on the arrow to know more deeply. Then the graph will open in front of you.

Market Mood Index (MMI)

Under the Screener option, you see an option here and MMI (Market Mood Index) by clicking on it, you can see the Market Mood Index.

Market Mood Index (MMI)
Market Mood Index (MMI)
  1. Go to -
  2. < Tool of the trade < MMI

  • Extreme Fear - If the mood of the market is extreme fear, then you have to buy more and more.
  • Fear - In this you buy a little less stock
  • Greed - In this you buy less stock than fear
  • Extreme Greed - In this you do not have to buy stocks/shares.

By clicking on this option, you can know about the stock of any companies like I will search here "Reliance Industries".

OVERVIEW - You can now see the overview of [1day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, maximum]

    Reliance Industries Overview
    1. "Energy" These companies deal in Oil & Gas
    2. "Largecup Company"
    3. "Low risk" is also less because it is a popular and trusted company, the risk is less in large-cap companies.
    4. "Forecast & Rating - 66% [8/11/2021]" is recommended to buy the stock. 66% trusted to buy stocks
    5. Company Profile (Brand) - It has 2 Brands <Reliance Jio, Reliance Fresh

    Money Control

    As soon as you visit the Money Control, click on the portfolio, now you can see here that you have been given suggestive.

    Note:- Beginners have to create their account on this, only then you will be able to see the portfolio screen.

    Here some companies name will show in front of you like and next you will get the options of Buy, Sell, Hold, Total. You can also select periods here.

    Stock Analysis - How to buy stock
    Stock Analysis - How to buy stock

    All [8] - This means that 8 researchers have suggested that you should invest in Sabai. It is the largest public sector bank. There are savings accounts in this more than 50 crores and it comes under Govt.

    ICICI - Similarly, you can also see the overview of ICICI Bank by visiting It is a very big bank in the private sector and its future is also bright.

    Friends, In this way you will do analysis and then take the decision in which company you want to invest and from where you can get good return.

    Whenever you do analysis So analyze 1 company with another company and also select their period. If you are looking at the share price of a limited company, then how many months do you want to see like 1 day, 1 month "Similarly you select the period of another company and compare."

    How To Buy And Sell Stocks

    After analyzing the companies, you have to buy the Stocks, suppose I want to buy the shares of ICICI company [Angel Broking] Here I will enter the name of the ICICI company in the search bar & then show you both the NSC and BSC stock market You have to click on it and then add them to the watch list.

    Note:- To buy and sell stocks you must have a demat account without which you cannot trade.

    How to Buy Stock/Share
    Buy Stock/Share

    IMPORTANT - Whenever you buy stock, you have to add funds before that, Now go to the market, now click on the company's shares you want to buy. Now you will have 3 steps to place the order.

    • Normal
    • Stop Loss
    • ROBO

    How To Stock Buy - Normal Order

    Buy Stock For Beginners
    Buy Stock For Beginners

    Action - Here sell and buy will be written, whenever you buy a share, it will be written as buy and when you do sell, it will be written as sell.

    Symbol - Here the name of the company and the symbol of the share will be seen like: - ICICI-EQ

    Price (0=Market Order) - Suppose the share you are buying is of Rs 370 and you want that the price of this share will be less than 360 then you have to put whatever amount is appropriate here and if you want here But if you put 0, then this share will be purchased in the same rupee as its price now, I think the price of this share will be low, so I will put 360 here and as soon as the price of the share is 360, it will be purchased automatically.

    Disclosed Quantity - If you do not want to buy 10 shares at once, you want these 5-5 to be purchased twice, then select 5 here.

    Exchange - Choose the stock exchange you want to buy the share NSC OR BSC, I Recommend "you always choose the NSC stock"


    • Day - If you choose Day, then your share will be valid for the whole day.
    • IOC [Immediate or Cancel] - If you select IOC your share will be purchased immediately or will be canceled.

    How To Buy Stock [Product Type]


    Select Delivery if you want to hold the shares for a long time.


    If you want to buy the stock in the morning and sell it in the evening, then select Intraday.


    If you want that you should buy more than 10 shares, buy 20 shares and you do not have enough funds to purchase, then you select on margin, this will give you 20 shares. This would be called taking a loan from a kind of company. [If you have less money in your account and want more shares, then select Margin.]

    Now you have to click on submit, now the order preview window will open in front of you & then you have to confirm. Now your order has been placed.

    How To Buy Stock - Stop Loss

    Stop loss means to avoid loss, you can select stop loss in both buy and sell orders. If you add stop loss in buy then it will mean that you will buy share at low price and if you add stop loss on sell then it will mean that you will be saved from loss.

    How To Buy Stock - Stop Loss
    How To Buy Stock - Stop Loss

    Action - Here we are teaching you to buy stocks, so you have to stay on the buy

    Symbol - Here the company's symbol will appear.

    Quantity - Select the quantity of shares you want to buy

    Trigger Price

    It is close to this [Price (0=Market Order)] Let's say there is a share of Rs 370 and I think the value of this share will come down to Rs 367.58 then I will put 367.58 value in trigger price And as soon as the share value comes down to 367.58, the trigger price will be activated and this share will be purchased.

    Price (0=Market Order) - I have been told in place normal order.

    Now the preview window will open in front of you and now you have to click on confirm, now your order has been placed. This order will be executed as soon as the share price reaches 367.58. And these shares will be bought. Till the time this order is not executed, during that time you can also modify and cancel it.

    Net Position Of Buy Stock History
    Net Position Of Buy Stock History

    By clicking on the 'order<net position', you will know how much you have bought your shares and the share price has decreased or how much profit you have made, how much has been lost. In the order column you will see 2 options 1. SQR off 2. Convert

    Convert - In this option you can convert your shares from delivery to intraday or from intraday to delivery.

    SQR Off

    If you want to sell your shares then you should choose Sucker Off. How many stocks you want to sell, select the quantity at which price you want to sell the stocks.

    • 1. Limit Price 
    • 2. Market Price 

    You can also select the limit. Now you have to click on confirm & then your order will be placed.

    In the order book, you will be shown the history of your stocks, how many shares you have sold, how many have you bought 13.12 The number of stocks you sell will be shown to you in the funds.


    In this you will get the information of current holding, how much money you have profited, how much has been lost, which company's stocks have been bought by you.

    Buy & Sell Stock - Portfolio
    Buy & Sell Stock - Portfolio

    • Red - Loss
    • Green - Profit

    If you have bought the stocks today, then the next day you will see them in the equity portfolio of the portfolio, from there you can also sell your shares.

    Stock Calculator

    Stock Calculator

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    Returns Calculator

    Investment Calculator