How To File GSTR-3B Return Online [Online Mode]

How To File GSTR-3B Return [Online Mode]

Today I want to tell you how you can file GST Return Filing. Today I will tell you only GSTR-3B Retrun. GSTR-3B Return is a monthly Return and we will teach you GSTR-3B Return Filings with the help of Images. May I promise you that after reading this article today, you should clear all the doubt. How can you file this return filing, I am going to teach you in very easy words.

Some important tips related to GSTR-3B Return.

We can file GSTR-3B Return in 2 ways, either we can file in online mode or we can file in offline mode. In offline mode, we prepare the data with the help of gst offline utility tool and then convert into file and upload it. 

In Gstr-3b when we enter the complete information of sales. Then we have the work of ITC CLAME which is related to the purchase data. We also share his database in gstr-3b. And when we have to pay for the gst tax, then we also do that work by creating a payment challan in Gstr-3B. 

In GSTR-3B Return, we provide information about sales and purchases of our business.

GSTR-3B Return

  • Purchase
  • Sales

Now we are telling you how you can to file gstr-3b return, do not miss any step:- Friends, today we will not use any accounting software in filing returns, we will do direct filing only through hardcopy of sales and purchase.

Step 1.

First of all, go to the gst portal and enter the Login ID of the company whose returns are filed. 

While filing the return, write down the balance of your credit ledger in the notebook. So that you will get an idea of ​​how much tax you have to pay and whether your tax will be paid by ITC (Input Tax Credit) or not.

To see the credit ledger, you have to go to the GST portal, then click on the dashboard, then you will show 3 ledgers there.

  • Electronic Liability Registered
  • Electronic Cash Ledger
  • Electronic Credit Ledger

1. The first thing you need to do is to focus on your ITC.

2. Then you have to focus on how much of your current month has been  goods sales and how much tax has been made.

3. Electronic Credit Ledger:- As we can see in the image, our tax which is 12504 in CGST and 12504 in SGST.Once you have noted this, you have to click on file return.

4. After clicking on file return, you have to choose your financial year and month, for which period you are going to return the file. Then you have to click on search. Then you will have the option of Gstr 3B return, there you will get 2 Ways to file, online mode, offline mode. I am telling you to file in online mode. You have to click on online mode. Then you have to read the terms and conditions, then you have to do OK

After clicking OK, you will come across some questions related to the GSTR-3B Return

  • Do You Want To File Nill Return:- Nil Return means that we have not goods sold nor have we purchased any goods in the current month. Nor is there any current liability to us, we do not have to pay any tax related to current months. In that case, We can file nil returns.
Note:- If there is a tax liability related to current month like, your late return file, then you cannot file a Nil return. If you want to file a nil return, then you have to click Yes, otherwise click No.

  • Have you made any supply of goods/services ( including nil-rated, Exempt & non-gst supplies) or received any supplies liable to reverse charge during this tax period ( Table 3.1)* - If you have any sales or purchase related to your current month's, or any purchase that comes in the RCM (Reverse Charge Machenism), then you have to click Yes
  • Have you made any inter-state supplies to unregistererd person, composition taxable person or UIN Holder (Table 3.2)* - If you have goods sold to a unregistered person (Not registered in GST) for composition person outside your state, then you have to click YES.
For Ex. - If you are from Haryana and have supplied goods in Delhi, then we call it inter-state supply.
  • Do you have any claim/reversal of Input Tax Credit (ITC) on purchase of goods or receipt of services (Table 4)* -If you want to claim itc, click Yes otherwise No.
  • Have you received any nil rated,exempt or non-gst supplies during this tax period (Table 5)*
  • Do you have any interest or late fees (Including carry forward late-fee)liability (Table 5.1)* - If you have a late fee then it automatically becomes yes. These options have been given to you because it includes interest, if you had late fees then it would have been automatic yes.
  • Do you have any tax liability due to GST TRAN-1? (System Populated) - (Table 6) - It will remain disabled automatically

After filling all the options carefully, you have to click on Next.

As you can see in the image, the options that we had Yes, in that option only, we have to fill the data. 
  • Table 3.1 - Sales Details
  • Table 4 - Purchase (Eligible ITC) Itc Claimed. 

Table 3.1 - Sales Details - Now we will fill the data in table 3.1, so we have to click on it. 
You can see in the image you have 5 options:- 
  • Outward Taxable Supplies (Other than zero rated, nil rated & exempted)
  • Outward Taxable Supplies (Zero Rated)
  • Outward Taxable Supplies (Nil Rated, Exempted)
  • Inward Supples (Liable to Reverse Charge)
  • Non-GST Outward Supplies

Table 4 - Purchase (Eligible ITC) Itc Claimed - Like the first one, you have to fill the data in the same way. 

In the image we have chosen For Example:-

  1. Financial Year - 20-2021
  2. Month - July
  3. Choose Online Mode
  4. Accept Terms & Condition
  5. All options filled carefully & then click next. You have to fill the data only in the tables on which you did your Yes

After filling all the details properly, you have to file your Gstr 3b return after claiming your tax with itc.