Forex Trading Meaning - How To Make Money Forex Trading

Hello friends, welcome to your blog, today we are going to talk when people invest money in the financial market. So they get to see 3 types of market there. 

Forex Trading Meaning - How To Make Money Forex Trading

Equity Market - Equity market is quite popular, we hear its discussions everywhere in India. What is the share price of Reliance Industries in the share market,how much has the Nifty increased in the bank, Many people invest in the share market, due to which a lot of people are also harmed and many people also become very rich. Many people get drowned in the stock market. It means to say that many people in the stock market, who have invested in the market every day, also have to bear huge losses. And some people also get a lot of benefits.

Commodity Market - After share market, which is popular in India, we know it as Commodity market. In this market we hear about Gold, Silver, Copper. 

Forex Market (Currency Trading) - In forex trading, we trade in DOLLERS ($) and INR currency. Very few people in India know about it because the risk in it is very low and the profit is also very low. But friends, let me tell you that the size of its Forex Market in the whole world is 5 trillions of dollars.

Forex Trading/Forex Market
Forex Trading Meaning - How To Make Money Forex Trading

Forex Trading Example

"If we calculate 5 trillion dollars, then there are as many stock exchanges in the whole world as in the United States which is the stock exchange and Which is the stock exchange of India (BSE). Even if we do the total of all these currencies, we will get less than this. More than the currency of the stock exchange of the whole world, we will find the currency of the forex market."

According to the statistics, as much as India trades in the stock market in 1 month, so much trading is done in 1 day in little forex marketing." The reason for this is that the volume in forex trading is very high.

I understand you with an example that Forex Trading is done. How works forex market? What does risk in Forex Marketing?  Like we recently saw that Reliance Company's shares fell 10% in 1-2 days, which means that 10% of the money is lost. 

  • Like, when we buy shares of bank nifty, they give us margin - For example, if you have 10 rupees, then it will give you a margin of 100 rupees, meaning that the goods will give 100 rupees. "8x margin remains in equity margin". But in forex marketing you get 25-30% of this margin. Which means you can invest 1000 rupees and earn more money in forex marketing than in equity market.
  • The risk in the equity market is high, in that it falls 10-20% of the market in 1-2 days, but the currency in the forex market is very low UP-Down. 
  • Because in forex marketing, currency like dollars fall very low for example, 10 paisa, 5 paisa, 2 paisa and that's how it grows. It is understood that when we Trading in forex marketing, the company's shares in every country are different. But the most trading is from the United States because that dollar's country is the most deserving from that dollar. 
  • Every country has its own comparision. Because every country knows about its economy. And focus most on the Other econom y of a country like the United States. Therefore, we can become more and more educated by learning about all these things and we can earn more money by investing. 

Now We Will Know What Is Forex Trading & How It Works?

For Example, Suppose you have 1 lakhs Rupees and you want to go to America, Rupee is not a US currency, to Indian Rupees America is of no use. so you will have to exchange in dollars. Now you have to go to the stock exchange to get your rupee exchange done. Now when you go to the stock exchange, it was said that if you give us 74 rupees, then we will give you 1 dollar. So when you converted your rupees into dollar on your stock exchange, you got $ 544. Now when you went to America, you did not spend his own dollars because the company raised all your expenses.So when you came to the airport and got your currency converted to India Rupees, you would get 1,20,000 Rs. Now you are convinced that when I changed the rupees into US currency, So I gave less money and now I have more money. So the airport Assistance said, Sir, when you gave your rupees, that currency was 1$ for 74 rupees and now it is 1$ for 76 rupees. So we will say that this is forex marketing/Forex Trading. 

There is a lot of platform available in the market, we will tell you which one is the best to invest. "HOW CAN TRADE IN FOREX MARKETING". I will recommend to you that you should trade with octafx. I will try to explain you with the image why you should trade with octa fx.

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