[2021] Buy Online Health Insurance From Policy Bazaar | Best Health Insurance

Friends, today we will know the review of some of the best health insurance in India and we have seen that 4-5 plans of every company are available. And if you do plan comparisons of different companies, then you can think for yourself that it is available in many more companies. In so many plans, choosing the best health insurance plan is a very big task and this task is related to your life, health. That's why you should suck the best health insurance plan because you cannot take the risk of your health.  Buy Online Health Insurance From Policy Bazaar

Friends, as you know that the craze of health insurance is increasing very much and during covid-19 many people are getting their health insurance. If you have not got your own health insurance yet, then quickly get health insurance online from the policybazaar.

Buy Online Health Insurance From Policy Bazaar | Best Health Insurance

Before buying health insurance online, you have to select a best platform, many platforms are available in the market. Such as policy bazaar, Bajaj Allianz Health Guard ETC. But I will suggest you that there is no better platform than policy bazaar. That's why I would recommend that you buy your health insurance online from the policybazaar itself.

Buy Online Health Insurance From Policy Bazaar
Buy Online Health Insurance From Policy Bazaar

Why get health insurance online from Policybazaar?

Here you will get to see more than 250 health plans. Here you get the option of tele-assistance and a dedicated manager is also assigned. You get 100% claim assistant on taking health insurance from policy Bazaar. Now we will tell you how you can take health insurance from policybazaar.com, here you have been told step by step. Policy Bazaar is a safe, risk-free platform, so you can buy any type of Insurance.
  1. First of all go to policybazaar.com
  2. Then click on Health Insurance.
  3. Select Male/Female.
  4. Full name, mobile no. & then <continue. [Now in the interface that will open in front of you, you have to enter your full name, mobile number and click on Continue. (Friends, covid-19 treatment will be covered in whatever policy you take.)]
  5. Select for whom you are taking the policy / next to them select & then <Continue.
  • Me
  • Me+My wife
  • Me+My wife & 1 Child
  • Me+My wife & 2 childred
  • My friend
  • other member
6. Enter city or pincode/ Select your city & then <Continue.

Does any member take any daily mediciation - Did you take daily medicine? Click on Yes & No. & then view plans.

If you take Daily Medicine then click on Yes and fill some details.
  • Dibities
  • Heart ailment
  • other health issue
(Select any one and click on View plan.) Now many companies will be shown in front of you, select the company from which you want to take health policy. But before that get to know about him well. And after getting all the companies together, only then you take the policy, it will only benefit you.)
  1. Insurer - If you want, you can see its policy by select a limited insurer.
  2. Cover - You can choose the cover (Sum Insured) as per your budget/requirement.
  3. Feature - In this you can select any specific requirement.
  4. Premium - You can also view premium as specific to your policy. According to the features that you have taken, your premium will be decide. Such as - age, health condition etc.
  5. Base plan - Friends, if you want to see the plan in a limited budget, then you can also take a plan of 5 lakhs in the premium of 300 rupees per month. But it depends on your health condition and age.
  6. Plan type - Here you can select what kind of plan you want. Like Arogya Sanjeevani (Irda has introduced this plan.
IRDA is the insurance regulatory body of India and it is a budget plan where the basic requirement is met. And its policy details are same for all the companies.

After doing the plan compare, select the plan of whichever company you like the policy of.

The best feature of the Policy Bazaar is that you can do plan points wise compare of different companies. Maximum you can do 3 plan compare simultaneously.

Now you are in your final step, you have to click on Pay Securely and then make payment with your Debit / Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI.

Here, you are also covered by some policies for instant purchase. Here you do not need medical but this cost depends on your health condition and policies of the companies.

Here you also get 100% claim assistant.

Friends, the policy of any company whose policy you take is determined on the terms and conditions of that company. You will also get the tax benefit of whatever health policy you take and you can take benefit of up to 75000.
On the policybazaar, you can easily do any kind of insurance online by yourself sitting at home. Many insurance companies provide you policy at cheap price on the policy bazaar.