[2021] Best Health Insurance - Hdfc Ergo, Max Bupa, Star

In life we ​​need only and only [2 Types of Insurance]. Friends, today I am going to tell you about the best health insurance in this article. Which is the best health insurance plan. we are going to cover the top 3 health insurance plans with more than 50 criteria. And then in the last we will figure out which health insurance is the best.

  1. Term Insurance 
  2. Health Insurance

Which 3 plans will we discuss? Learn

1. Max Bupa Health Insurance

2. HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

3. Star Health insurance

[2021] Best Health Insurance - Hdfc Ergo, Max Bupa, Star

Friends, first of all let me tell you how much premium is there, I would advise you that the decision is never taken on premium. Friends, if you run after cheap then you will have to face trouble later. Many users try to see the premium, so we have selected the premium in the first point.

[2021] Best Health Insurance - HDFC ERGO, MAX BUPA, STAR
[2021] Best Health Insurance

Friends I have covered 2+2 family floater health insurance plans here.

2 Adults + 2 Child

And I have taken the age of adults in between 45 to 55 and I have kept a 5 lakhs of sum assuerd.

Max Health Insurance (Premium) - In this you will get to see premium 21110.

Hdfc Ergo (Premium) - In this you will get to see 25446 premium.

Star Health Insurance (Premium) - In this you will get to see 17871 premium.

The cheapest health insurance (Star) is there but the cheapest is the best, this is a completely wrong decision. We find it necessary to compare these 3 plans with more than 50 health insurance plans.

1. Policy Tenure -

Max Bupa Health Insurance - If you want, you can buy premium for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years together in Max Bupa.

HDFC ERGO - In this, you can pay premium for 1 year and 2 years together.

Star Health Insurance - In this you do not have any such option. In this, you can pay only on per yearly basis.

Whenever we make payments together for many years, we often get discounts which become very usefull for us.

2. Room Capping

Max Bupa & HDFC Ergo - There is no room capping in either of these.

Star Health Insurance - Single standered AC Room (It means lowest tariff room in single ocupancy)

3. Pre Hospitalization - How many diseases are covered by you before you are admitted to the hospital.

  1. Max Bupa - It has a cover of 60 days.
  2. Hdfc ergo - This also has a cover of 60 days.
  3. Star - It also has a cover of 60 days.

In these 3 only, 60 days of pre-hospitalisation's diseases are covered.

4. Post hospitalization - How long is your treatment covered after leaving the hospital?

Max Bupa & Hdfc ergo -  This covers your post hospitalization expense treatment of 180, which means 6 months.

Star Health Insurance - It covers only 90 days.


MAX & HDFC ERGO - In both of these, as much as your Sum Insured, you can also use it for organ donor.

Star Health Insurance - 10% of sum assuerd or RS. 1 Lakh which ever is lower.

6. Day Care -

MAX & HDFC ERGO  - All day care upto sum insured. It has all the expanded covers of all your days.

Star Health Insurance [All days care but some limit on cataract]- In this also, all the days cover expenses are covered, but if you have a disease related to your Cataracts, then there comes some limit.

7. Ambulance - 

Max & HDFC ERGO - In both of these, you get 2000 rupees in the name of ambulance per hospitalization.

Star Health Insurance [1500 Per Hospitalization] - It only gets Rs. 1500 per hospitalization expense.

8. Restore Or Recharge benefits - Friends, this is the most important point, you have taken special care of it.

Suppose, you have claimed your 5 lakhs.

Max Bupa - Reassure upto base SI [SUM INSURED] with unlimited times same person same illness also cover.

HDFC ERGO - Same person same illness covered, 100%+100% of sum insured trigger after 1st claim.

Star Health Insurance - Same person same illness not covered. 100% Of sum insured trigger after exhaused all sum assured. It's very negative points.

9. Bonus - 

Max Bupa & HDFC ERGO [50% Every claim free year max 100%]

Star Health Insurance  [1st year - 25%, After that 10% Claim free year Max 100%]

10. Health Checkup - This is a point which is different in every policy.

Max Bupa - 500/- per lakhs e.g 10 lakhs SI Customer take 5000/- or Maximum 5000/- for health checkup from day 1

HDFC ERGO - 2500/- Every Year

Star Health Insurance - 1500/- Every year (Every claim free year)

11. Pre Existing -

Max Bupa & HDFC ERGO HEALTH INSURANCE - After 36 months 

Star Health - After 46 Months

12. Air Ambulance - 

Max Bupa Health Insurance - Covered upto RS. 2.50 LAKH PER HOSPITALLIZATION & UPTO SUM ASSUERD.

HDFC ERGO HEALTH INSURANCE - In this, you do not get an air ambulance in the policy of 5 Lakhs, but in the policy more than 5 lakhs, as much as your sum insured That much you can use for Air Ambulance. The maximum amount you get for Air Ambulance in HDFC Ergo. But there is a small negative point that you do not get these points in the policy of 5 Lakhs.

Star - 101% OF Sum assured Or Rs. 1 lakh which ever is lower. 

13. Individual Personal Accident - 

  • Covers Max Bupa & Hdfc.
  • Star does not cover.

Friends, This was my personal ranking suggesting for you. According to me, both no.1 health insurance Max bupa health insurance & HDFC ERGO. There is a lot of relief in the settlement of claims in hrafc ergo and its network is also very good but it is a bit costly. And In Hdfc Ergo Health Insurance we don't even get any EMI option, if we talk about Max Bupa Health Insurance against it, then in max we get the option of EMI. There is also a little cheap policy.

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I understand that Max Bupa Health Insurance is a bit weak in terms of hdfc ergo health insurance

But slowly it is also growing. But it all depends on our situation that personally done for us is going to be fulfilled. I will suggest you No.1 Hdfc Ergo Health Insurance.