[2022] Online Bike Insurance From Policy Bazaar

Hello friends Today We are going to talk about how to do Bike Insurance Online From Policy Bazaar. Today we will talk about insurance, you can do your car insurance, bike insurance, term life insurance, Two wheeler or Four Wheeler Or Other (Accidental Insurance) by yourself sitting at home. Friends, you can do any type of insurance from the website of policybazaar.com, here today we will teach you how to insurance a bike from policybazaar.

[2022] Online Bike Insurance From Policy Bazaar

Today we are going to do two wheeler, third party insurance from Policy Bazaar [Buying online two-wheeler insurance]

99% of people get third party insurance and when we drive our car or bike, then accident happens by mistake. So that the front party does a case against us and then we have to pay money, then that money comes out of our pocket. Now to save our pocket, we get insurance from any 2nd party which claims this. That even if you have an accident, we will compensate for it. 

Benefits Of Buying A Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Online From Policy Bazaar

You do not need to go anywhere, you can insure yourself from the policybazaar from your mobile or laptop from home.

  • You do not need any kind of documents
  • Policybazaar is one of the popular insurance provider company which provides better insurance at your cheap price and more discount.
  • Many companies are listed on the policy bazaar, you can purchase the policy of any company whose policy is available in cheap price.

Now we will tell you about how to do online two wheeler third party insurance from policybazaar. 

First of all visit the website of policybazaar and login if you have not created your own account then signup first. 


Click on Two wheeler insurance as shown in the image

  1. Select a Manufacturer - Which company is your bike like honda, bajaj, hero, tvs you have to select it.
  2. Select a Model - Select your bike model number
  3. Select a variant  - Your bike starts with kick, or by selfstart, whether your bike has disc brake or not, you select your bike's accordion
  4. Select a registration year - You have to tell when your bike was registered if you don't know, So all these mentions remain on the previous insurance that you have, you can see from there.

Has your current policy expired?

  1. Not Expired
  2. Expired Within 90 Days
  3. Expired More than 90 Days ago
  4. I don't remember

According to you, you have to select any 1 option from these

If you are getting third party insurance then select the third party above and if you are getting it done in the comprehensive mode then select it. Here we are telling you about how to do third party insurance online from the policy bazaar, so you have to click on third party.

Here you will now see many companies, select the company whose insurance you like.

Plans With [Personal Accident Cover]

(You have to indicate this if you want the insurance company to compensate you when there is an accident and third party also you have to select it.)

MultiYear Plans (Select for how many years you want to take insurance)

  • 1 Year Plan
  • 2 Year Plan
  • 3 Year Plan

Insurer - The company from which you have taken the policy

Coverage - From which company you are taking the policy for your bike, what sovereigns will be included in it, you have to look carefully.

TypePremium* - How much premium are you being charged for the policy you are taking.

As soon as you click on Premium, you will see an interface like this, now you have to fill some basic details

  1. Vehicle Owner's Name - Rohit Sharma
  2. Mobile No. - 8950806929
  3. Email Id - Rsrohit401@gmail.com 
  4. Communication Address - Haryana, Narnaul
  5. Pincode - 123001

Now you have to click on Continue Step 2.

After seeing all these details in your RC, fill it correctly.

In the 2nd step, you have to give the nominee details.

  1. Nominee Name - Neha Saini
  2. Nominee Relationship - Wife
  3. Nominee Age - 23

Now you click on Continue Step 3.

In the 3rd step all the details will come autofill, you will not need to fill it.

  1. Registeration Number 
  2. Engine Number
  3. Chasis Number
  4. Previous Incurer
  5. Previous Policy Number
  6. Previous Policy Expiry Date
  7. Registereation Date

Now Click - Save & Proceed now click - Verify Premium.

After clicking on Verify Premium now you can see in the next screen you will be shown your personal details and vehicle & policy details & Insurance Details.

Now you have to click on Pay Securily. Now you can make the payment, this is your final step. After making the payment, you can see the Insurance policy details anytime by logging to the website of Policy Bazaar. 

Friends, today I told you how you can do online bike insurance from policy bazaar by visiting the website of the policybazaar. If you liked knowing this, then share it with your friends and you can read more articles related to insurance.