[2021] Take Online Personal Loan From Reliance Money

Instant Loan sitting at home Take a loan of up to 5 lakh rupees. Friends, due to Kovid-19, all the people are facing financial problems. Friends, today I will tell you how you can take a loan form reliance money.

  • To restart your business.
  • To meet your personal needs.
  • Loan for medical emergency.

Today I will tell you about a company where you can apply for a loan. Read this article completely, today I will teach you to take an instant loan. Today I will teach you how to take an instant loan from reliance money, how you can take a loan sitting at home in less documents. If you want to take a personal loan sitting at home or you want to restart your business or you want to start a new business. So here you will also get business loan. You can also take home loan. You can also apply for two wheeler loan. "Reliance Money" This is a very good finance company.

Online Personal Loan From Reliance Money

How can you take a loan instantly, here I will tell you step by step. Here I will teach you how to take a personal loan.

First of all you have to visit Reliance Money

[2021] Take Online Personal Loan From Reliance Money
[2021] Take Online Personal Loan From Reliance Money

  1. Click On Product
  2. Click Personal Loan

Friends, this is a trust finance company. You have to open this website. Now you can see that the option of products will appear in front of you, by clicking on it, you can see what type of loan this company gives here.

Business Expansion Loan - If you want to start any new business then here you can apply for business loan. Here you will also get loan against property. You can find many types of loans here.

Micro Finance Loan - Friends, here you will also get micro finance loan which is taken for small tasks. Most of the women can apply for this loan and can do good business like sewing suits.

Now we will tell you how to take a personal loan From Reliance Money, how you can take a personal loan from reliance money, for this you click on Personal Loan.

Personal loans are taken to meet your needs like if you need money for Marriage Or if you have a medical emergency in your house, you want to take a loan for it or you want to get the essential items of your house.

Overview - When you visit the website while taking a personal loan, then definitely read its overview. And also take a look at the fees and charges.

Online Personal Loan Overview (Reliance Money)
Online Personal Loan Overview (Reliance Money)

Features - You can read by clicking on the features.

1. If you are taking a loan then you do not need to provide your income proof.

2. You can get a loan for 12, 48 months only.

3. You will get the loan in very few documents.

4. You will have to pay attractive interest rates.

5. The loan amount will come very soon in your bank account.

Documentation - What documents do you need to get a loan?

Identity Proof - Any one (e.g. Voter ID / Driving License / Passport)

Address Proof - Any one (e.g. Voter ID / Driving License / Passport / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Registered Lease Deed or Sale Agreement)

Passport Size Photographs

Any other valid Photo ID card issued by central or state government - In this you can give Aadhar card and Voterid.

Fees & Charges - Friends, you have to understand this carefully then you have to apply for loan. 

Particulars Fees & Charges

Cheque Bounce Charges Rs 600/-

Cheque Swapping Charges Rs 500

Overdue Interest 26% p.a.

EMI Cycle Date Change NA

Reschedulement Charges NA

Duplicate NOC Rs.500

Outstation Cheque Charges Rs. 45 per cheque

Cheque revalidation charges Rs. 300

Loan Statement charges ( per statement) NIL

Foreclosure Charges Regular Customers prepayment allowed from disbursement date.

i) Before 6 months:5% of Principal Outstanding+GST

ii) After 6 Months :2% of Principal Outstanding+GST

Loan cancellation charges Rs.2000

Personal Loan From Reliance Money

Loan reschedulement charges EMI Cycle Date Change NA

SPDC retrieval Charges for swap, matured, preclosure and customer induced cancellations i) Rs.300/- at the time of Preclosure/Swap/Matured/Customer Induced cancellations.

ii) Rs.450/- upto sixty days from the day of Preclosure/Swap/Matured/Customer Induced cancellations.

Changing Fixed Rate to Floating & Vice versa NA

Non Refundable Fee NA

Conversion charges NA

Copies of Loan Documents/ Agreement/Retrieval of Share Certificate NA

Charges on Part Disbursement NA

Foreclosure statement charges NA

Personal Loan From Reliance Money

EMI Calculator - Friends, here you can calculate money like if you want to take a loan of 1 lakhs and then want to pay it in installments. So you can calculate here how much money you will have to pay per month.

Loan Amount - Enter the amount of Rupees you want to take loan.

Rate of Interest - Enter the rate you are looking for, you can see it by going to the Fees & Charges section.

Months - For how many months do you want to take the loan? (`Enter the months)

Submit - Now you have to click on submit, your EMI will be filled up automatically.

In this way, you can take personal loan from Reliance Money. While taking a loan, keep in mind that you have to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly. From whichever website you are taking loan, check its reviews on Google and Youtube.

Carefully Note:- Take special care of the company from which you are taking loan whether it is not fake or not. Do not give your documents to any unknown person or upload it on any untrusted website.