Does Geico Have Motorcycle Insurance In Massachusetts

Motorcycle Insurance In Massachusetts

Motorcycle accidents will also bring heavy bills and worries to the riders. Not only that there are chances of other people getting injured because of these motorcycle accidents and the responsibility of treating them for injuries will fall on your head. If you have a motorcycle insurance, then your insurer will take care of most of the expenses that arise due to accidents followed by injuries or property damages.

Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts

Before you look for a motorcycle insurance quote, you must know motorcycle insurance Massachusetts minimum requirements as mandated by law. They are as given below.

  • $20,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $40,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • $5000 towards property damage liability
  • $20,000 towards uninsured motorist coverage per person
  • $40,000 towards uninsured motorist coverage per accident.

While liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverages are mandatory, it is suggested that you should get a higher coverage limits namely 50/100/25 for liability coverage and 50/100 for uninsured motorist coverage. This is because,  if you are responsible for an accident, which was serious and had injured many people, then the minimum liability coverage will lead you to spend huge money from your own pocket,  as the expenses will surely cross the minimum coverage limits.

While uninsured motorist coverage is mandatory for motorcycle riders of Massachusetts, underinsured motorist coverage is only optional. Underinsured motorist coverage will come into play when you make accident with a driver, who has insufficient insurance. However, you will be benefited by an amount of $20,000 from your own insurance or $20,000 from other party’s insurance,  if you are injured in an accident with both the parties under State minimum insurance liability.

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Motorcycle Insurance In Massachusetts
Motorcycle Insurance In Massachusetts

How to Shop for Insurance?

The State law does not require you to buy Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Before searching for the best motorcycle insurance provider, you have to go to different companies in person or browse through online to confirm about the insurance premium rates. You have to keep on hand the details of your motorcycle such as its make, model and year to be furnished to the insurance provider. You can also consider extra coverage options besides mandatory coverages that include repair shop networks, roadside assistance and accident coverage.

It is also essential to compare various policies and premium rates. Further, you have to ensure about the financial stability of the prospective company, you choose. The company, you select, must provide good and satisfactory customer service and maintain quick disposal of claims. All these information can be gathered from the websites of insurance agencies and from your friends and relatives, who have already purchased motorcycle insurance from many providers.

There are many reliable online marketplaces from where you will be able to compare the quotes as well as plans of coverages offered by many leading companies. This process will enable you to find the best company with cheap motorcycle insurance rate. Of course, in search of cheap motorcycle insurance rates, you should not choose a bad company or a company without proper license to sell insurance. This is very much important.

Some Basic Information Motorcycle Insurance

Massachusetts required motorcycle riders to purchase certain motor insurance coverages and limits. As long as you are a safe rider, your minimum liability insurance coverage will protect you and your assets,  in case you get into accidents up to the specified limits. For some riders, these minimum limits may not be sufficient,  if they get into some serious accidents and it is better for them to opt for higher insurance coverages. Some riders even buy collision and comprehensive coverages for their motorcycles.

These optional coverages will cover all the things that are covered for car insurance and help protect you against theft, weather damages and the like. If you have purchased your motorcycle by availing finance from a money lender or from a bank, they will require you to buy both collision and comprehensive insurance coverages.

The wisdom of purchasing collision and comprehensive coverages depend on your personal situation and demand. It also depends on the factor where you live and where you park your motorcycle. For instance, if your motorcycle is valued at $3000 and you park it in a garage under lock and key, then buying a comprehensive insurance for this bike will make no sense.

At the same time, if your bike is worth about $9000 and you park it on the roadside or in the open space of your apartment, the comprehensive insurance is absolutely essential as the chances of the bike being stolen is very high. Therefore, your situation will only decide whether to buy these optional coverages or not.

Rider Motorcycle Insurance

Rider motorcycle insurance is a New Jersey based insurance company specialised in providing motorcycle insurance alone. This is the only company of its kind. Even though the company offers insurance for mopeds, scooters and ATVs, it does not offer insurance to standard automobiles. Their motive is “we do one thing and we do it better” and it is motorcycle insurance. This company is experienced in the insurance field for more than 45 years and is equipped with many experienced and dedicated staff.

This company offers low rated insurance premiums and offer various discounts and insurance packages, exclusively for motorbikes. The rider motorcycle insurance company focuses on hassle free customer service and the customer satisfaction is the main motive.

Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Basically a custom motorbike is the one that has a stylistic or structural change that goes beyond the standard in which it was originally manufactured by the manufacturer. Custom bikes are preferred for various reasons and one among them is its unique look after required modifications.

As regards to custom motorcycle insurance, you may find it difficult to insure your motorbike as you have a bike that falls outside of a standard motorcycle coverage. Of course, almost all insurance companies offer custom motorcycle insurance and they may charge higher premium rates than that exist for standard motorcycles. This is because the custom parts are costly and it will be expensive to replace those parts,  if damaged.

Conclusion: Whether it is required by law or not, it is essential to buy motorcycle insurance for your bikes to save you from unwanted financial losses when you confront with accidents.

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