Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Texas Forum

Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Texas Forum

Introduction: Just like car insurance, you have to carry motorcycle liability insurance if at all you are ever involved in an accident where you are at fault. Motorcycle insurance protects you from financial loss that arises due to accidents injuring others or damaging the properties of third parties. We are here to discuss about motorcycle insurance facilities available in Texas.

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements

The State law of Texas has prescribed motorcycle insurance Texas minimum liability insurance coverage limits as follows.

● $30,000 for bodily injury per person in an accident
● $60,000 for bodily injury for a total accident irrespective of the number of persons injured
● $25,000 towards property damage in an accident.

The above motor insurance limits are only the minimum and there is no maximum limit. It is a better idea to get more coverage with different types of insurance as the minimum limits coverage will not be sufficient, if you are involved in some big accidents.

Apart from the above compulsory liability insurance coverages, there are many more optional motor insurance coverages in addition to uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages.

When you get into an accident with a driver who is either uninsured or underinsured, then you will be in trouble. If you are in possession of these two types of insurance, you will be safe in meeting the expenses that arise due to accidents in which people are injured or your vehicle is damaged or any public or private property getting damaged.

The other optional coverages are as given below.


This insurance type will pay for the damage to your motorcycle in an accident minus your deductible amount. A deductible is the amount selected by you at the time of buying your motorcycle insurance policy that is deducted from a claim check.


This will cover the expenses for the damages to your motorcycle other than collision with another vehicle. Damages due to fire, theft, vandalism and other types of natural disasters as well as animal collisions are covered under this insurance.

Medical Payments

This will pay for the medical expenses when you or others are injured in accidents. Unlike personal injury protection, this type of coverage will not cover the lost wages and other costs. This coverage can come in handy when you have no health insurance or enough health insurance.

Almost all reputed and major insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance and you can also get motorcycle insurance quote of those companies through their websites or by approaching them in person. There are many insurance agencies, who represent and work for many leading companies. They will also provide you best motorcycle insurance quotes of several companies. You can compare them with the help of these agents and you will be guided to reach the right coverage, you need.

Winter Lay-up

Most of the motorcycle riders will not ride their motorcycles during winter months as it will be dangerous to ride on roads. Many insurance providers offer lay-up insurance during winter. But, during this lay-up period, your insurance will cover thefts and other events that may happen when you store your motorcycle in garage. This lay-up coverage will save your annual insurance costs. But, if you ride your motorcycle on the roads of Texas during lay-up period and meet with an accident, your insurance will not provide cover to you or to your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Insurance Texas
Motorcycle Insurance Texas

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

As far as cheap motorcycle insurance is concerned, the compulsory minimum liability insurance coverage is the only cheap option. As this minimum liability coverage will not be helpful in big accidents, people will go for more coverage limits than the minimum. In such cases it is natural for them to search for cheap motorcycle insurance.

A study has stated that the insurance companies namely Nationwide, Progressive, Geico, Dairyland and Esurance offer cheap motorcycle insurance and the annual average premium rates offered by them are $467, $650, $744, $898 and $984 respectively. The Texas annual average is quoted as $749. These are all only rough estimates and they can vary according to the coverages required by the individuals and many other factors. Suppose a motorcycle rider has been caught in many traffic offences and got tickets on every occasion, then he or she will be charged higher rate of premium on the basis of being a risky driver.

There are more ways of getting cheap motorcycle insurance and one among them is to become eligible for the discounts in premiums offered by the insurance providers.

Many insurance companies offer various types of discounts and these discounts vary from one company to the other and some of the discounts are as follows.

● Buy your other insurance types such as home insurance, health insurance and the like along with motorcycle insurance from the same provider.
● Maintain a clean and accident free driving record
● Insure more than one motorcycle with the same insurer
● Complete a safety motorcycle rider training course
● Some companies offer discounts if you are more than 55 years of age.

You should analyse the discounts and find to which of them you are eligible and avail them without fail. This will help reduce your motorcycle insurance premium to a good level.

Rider Motorcycle Insurance

Rider motorcycle insurance is an experienced company in providing motorcycle insurance to its customers in Texas. This company is specialised in providing low cost motorcycle insurance and ATV/off road vehicle insurance. The customers are assured of hassle free customer service and they insure all kinds of motorcycles. They also offer insurance packages and discounts.

Custom Motorcycle Insurance

The motorcycles that are modified from the original design are called custom motorbikes. Many companies offer custom motorcycle insurance and they are the same as the standard and optional coverages that are offered for factory produced motorcycles. But, collision and comprehensive coverages make the difference between custom motorcycle insurance and ordinary factory manufactured motorbikes.

Custom motorcycles are considered to be more valuable than any other ordinary bike because of the costly parts and accessories fitted in custom bikes. Naturally, the repairing costs for such custom motorcycles can be much costlier and hence the high insurance premium rates.

Conclusion - It is essential to insure your motorcycle for your safety and it is also required by law. Insure your bike and enjoy your ride on the roads of Texas.

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