What They Now Call For Banks For A Mortgage?

What They Now Call For Banks For A Mortgage? It is quite common that those who decide to buy a House do not have the necessary money and have to rely on a mortgage loan, since the cost of this kind of shopping is one of the largest investments which can be lifelong, especially the initial outlay. Loan Against Property Eligibility

Until relatively recently, so a Bank granted a mortgage needed to buy life insurance and a household with the same financial institution. Currently, customers have to choose to hire these policies, either directly with the Bank or through an external insurance company.

Before choosing a type of mortgage or another is recommended to previously inform the different options that exist to get the best financing. Similarly, it is also essential to know in advance the requirements as with total probability you ask the Bank to accept us the loan for the acquisition of housing.

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What They Now Call For Banks For A Mortgage?
What They Now Call For Banks For A Mortgage?


  • When granting a mortgage, one of the fundamental points that analyze the banks is if the user has a stable job, permanent contract, certain seniority in the company with an acceptable salary. The latter must be sufficiently high so that the fee for the mortgage does not assume more than 30% or 40% of the same, since otherwise, the financial institution shall refuse the loan.
  • The money we have saved is also a key aspect so that the Bank approves US credit. Given that the money currently offered mortgages does not reach 100% of the cost of housing, is necessary to have approximately 20% of the price of the property plus all the costs involved in this type of transaction (appraisal, notary, property registration (, etc.).
  • In certain cases, the Bank may consider that we have not met the requirements to deal with a mortgage and therefore, can demand that we submit an endorsement as a guarantee in case of possible defaults. In a situation so there to analyze in detail the risks involved for the surety and its heritage.
  • That we grant the Bank mortgage is critical be exempt from financial commitments, such as other personal loans, and obviously does not have any outstanding debt on our behalf.
  • Financial institutions may also require that the person applying for the mortgage has not reached even 75 years and be of legal age.
  • Although each bank may request specific documentation, as a general rule when you request a mortgage must be presented the DNI, updated document of working life, last statement of income, recent banking movements, writings of others properties if them, proof of payment other loans and income from other types of income in addition to the payroll.

Since the recent economic crisis, banks tend to analyze to maximize the profile of each person before granting a mortgage to minimize as far as possible the risk posed by this debt. Thus, if someone who is interested in having a mortgage loan does not meet the above requirements more than others established the Bank, you can hardly have this type of banking product.