[2021] Global Business Environment Definition- Need, Importance

Global Business environment - Nowadays Global business is becoming more complex and dynamic. As a result, its successful operation has also become challenging. For its successful operation, it has become very necessary to study its environment and understand it. Only after studying the business environment can the business successfully formulate its policies and plans. In short, the study of business environment is necessary because of the following reasons: [Need/Importance of Studying Global Business Environment]. Small Business Environment Most important part of global environment. Must read it.

Global Business Environment Definition
Global Business Environment Definition- Need, Importance

Global Business Environment Definition

1. Knowledge of Business Complexity – Complexity of the environment refers to all those external factors and the range of variations of those factors to which an organization has to respond. Since many factors affect the modern business environment and the effects of those factors are in different forms. As a result, a lot of complications have arisen in the business environment. To measure and understand these complexities, it has become indispensable to study the business environment.

2. Long-term planning - The study of the environment is also needed for the long-term planning of the organization, because for long-term planning, the current environment of the business is first analyzed and the future environment is estimated. By studying these factors in the context of business environment, the long-term plans, strategies and objectives of the organization can be decided properly.

3. Basis of Decision Making – According to Reinecki and Schuell, “The sound basis of business decisions is the proper study of environmental realities.” A decision maker cannot make sound decisions ignoring changes in the environment.

4. For business success- Just as a person's efficiency, psychological ability and skills increase due to constant struggle with the environment, similarly the success of a business firm also depends on the ability to cope and adjust with the environment. does.

5. Knowledge -business of changes is done only in a dynamic environment, in which changes are always taking place. Consumers' tastes, competition, technology, color, form, shape, quality, comfort and availability of new luxury items, etc. of the product keep on changing. For the knowledge of all this, it becomes necessary to conduct continuous systematic study of the business environment.

6. Utilization of profit opportunities - Opportunities of profit in business can be utilized only by being aware of the environment and studying it. Many opportunities can be taken optimally under government policies, foreign cooperation, economic events and social changes. Peter F. Rikar has also written that, “Maximization of opportunities is possible only through awareness of the environment.

7. Knowledge of Fluctuations - Many Fluctuations keep coming in each component of the business environment and the atmosphere remains dynamic. But this rate of speeches is not the same in every institution. In some business entities this rate is higher, while in others it is less. Therefore, it is necessary to study the business environment to get information about these pronunciations.

8. Measurement of Uncertainties or Risks – The business world is dynamic, so many types of uncertainties or risks are involved. To measure and understand these uncertainties, a study of the business environment is essential. Through its study, information related to business environment is collected. The more truth and accuracy found in the information, the more accurately the uncertainties and risks of the business environment can be measured.

9. Development of Competitiveness - Business has to develop its competitive ability continuously to maintain its existence for a long time. But for this, every businessman has to study the competitive forces existing in his environment. In fact, every business organization has to continuously study the products of its competitors, their costs, marketing strategy, distribution chains, promotion plans etc.

10. Effective Management - The essence of the entire management system is effective planning and control. This work can be done only by making a suitable assessment of future events and studying the environmental limitations, forces, pressures and influences. In the new functions of management - social innovation, social marketing and entrepreneurship, it is necessary to maintain an effective relationship with the environment.

11. Growth - Expansion - Business environment creates opportunities for growth, change, diversity and economic growth. According to Beetel and Work, “Business needs to live with the environment in order to thrive with change. The basis of development plans is awareness of environmental impacts.

12. Changing the environment - It is generally believed that no business organization can change its external environment. But, every organization must influence its environment in more or less way. Therefore, many organizations can also change their environment by joining or combining. For this, planned efforts have to be made, before such planned efforts are made, they need to do proper study of their environment.

13. Innovation – Innovation is an imperative to the success of modern business. Unless innovation is made in the field of goods and services, business progress cannot be ensured. However, the study of the business environment is very important to ensure that innovations are successful only when they are in line with the requirements and requirements of the environment.

14. Acquisition of resources - The businessman needs many resources such as land, capital, labor, machinery, product resources. In order to get these resources at the lowest cost, the study of the entire external environment is essential.

15. Effective and economical delivery of products/services of the organization - For this also it is necessary to study the environment of the organization. If this is not done, proper and adequate benefits will not be available from the products/services.

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