How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost In Virginia

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost In Virginia

Introduction: The majority of the States require the riders to buy motorcycle insurance. Even when it is not required by a State, it is best to purchase a motorcycle insurance for your own safety. This insurance protects the owners from the major costs involved in motorcycle accidents. The financial impacts in these accidents could be devastating. Therefore, motorcycle insurance is a must, whether required by law or not.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost In Virginia

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Virginia:

The residents of Virginia must assume financial responsibility when they want to drive their motorcycles on the roads of Virginia. This could be done by purchasing a motorcycle insurance Virginia. The minimum liability insurance coverages as required by the State law are as given below.

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death for a person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death for two or more persons
  • $20,000 towards property damage liability.

In certain States, if you purchase a certain amount of motor insurance, then you can skip wearing helmets, while riding. But, in Virginia, you and your passengers have to wear approved helmets, regardless of the limits of your insurance coverage limits.

Almost all leading insurance companies sell motorcycle insurance and offer motorcycle insurance quote, which could be collected and compared by the customers for better selection. You must also understand that there is no best motorcycle insurance quote and one company’s quote may be best for you and for someone, it may not be so. All these factors depend upon the individual coverage needs and requirements.

When you speak about cheap motorcycle insurance quote, it is nothing but the minimum liability insurance requirement as required by State law. Nothing is cheaper than this coverage. In fact, people have to buy higher coverages than the minimum limit in order to face unexpected medical expenses involved in big accidents.

Motorcycle Insurance Information

Undoubtedly, riding a motorcycle is a great experience. But, there are many potential risks and hazards in this experience. It is, therefore, essential to buy a motorcycle insurance Virginia from an experienced insurance company that is licensed to sell such insurance types. You should not assume that your car insurance will cover your motorcycle. It is not true. Your car insurance is separate and it will not cover any of the financial losses incurred by you, while driving your motorcycle.

In some States, some providers offer motorcycle endorsements that can be added to your auto insurance. But this will not match the stand alone motorcycle insurance policy. There may be many exclusions in such endorsements which will finally push you in deep trouble. It is always safe to have a separate motorcycle insurance policy.

When you are interested in getting the right motorcycle insurance Virginia coverage, you must approach a licensed Virginia motorcycle insurance specialist, who will be competent enough to assess your risk and determine proper coverages. It is necessary to protect your motorcycle with a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy. You may be careful, but it is all too easy for a bike to get damaged or stolen.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost In Virginia
How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost In Virginia

Motorcycle insurance Virginia is similar to Virginia auto insurance in respect of coverages as detailed below:-

Bodily injury/Property Damage Liability

When you are at fault in an accident damaging others’ properties or causing injuries to third parties, this insurance will protect you from the resulting expenses and help protect your assets.

Comprehensive/Collision Coverage

This coverage pays for the repairs, if your motorcycle is destroyed by fire or if it is stolen and for the damages caused by accidents respectively.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you are in an accident with the other party, who is at fault, this insurance will provide cover to you, if the other driver has no insurance or has no enough insurance. This includes medical payments and loss of wages.

Medical Payments

This will cover your medical expenses in an accident irrespective of the fact who is responsible for the accident.

Roadside Assistance

Your motorcycle may breakdown on the roadside due to flat tire, dead battery, running out of fuel and the like. This insurance coverage will help get roadside assistance for necessary repairs and for towing your motorcycle to the repair shop, if found necessary.

Apart from protecting you and your bike, motorcycle insurance Virginia will also protect your assets when you are sued in the court of law for any accident, injuring someone or damaging third party’s properties.

All the above coverages are subject to the maximum limits of your policy coverage. The medical expenses on some bodily injury liability cases may even go up to thousands of dollars or even more, which cannot be managed by your coverage limits. That is why you are advised to have more coverages than the minimum coverage liability limits.

Rider Motorcycle Insurance

Rider motorcycle insurance is an experienced company and is in the field of insurance for more than 45 years. They insure a wide range of motorcycles such as standard bikes, cruisers, sport bikes, high performance motorcycles, off-road motorcycles and much more. They offer low rated motorcycle insurance rates along with insurance packages that are suitable for customers.

Custom Motorcycle Insurance

When factory produced motorcycles are modified to the tastes of the owner by adding some costly and sophisticated parts, they are called custom motorcycles. These custom motorcycles need custom motorcycle insurance as against ordinary motorcycle insurance. You are aware that it will be quite expensive to repair or replace the custom motorcycles and its costly parts when they meet with accidents.

Custom motorcycle insurance coverage provides protection to the accessories and extra parts that are fitted to your bike other than those parts that were originally included by the manufacturer. It also covers the sidecars, trailers that are intended to be pulled by your motorcycle. The coverage also includes custom paint jobs, safety driving gears, helmets and the like.

Conclusion: Unlike cars, motorcycle driving is something special. You are enjoying the open wind while driving. It is definitely a pleasure to drive a motorcycle. But, all these should ever last. To achieve this, you surely need a motorcycle insurance, whether mandated by law or not.

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