Nearest Progressive Auto Insurance In Maryland

Nearest Progressive Auto Insurance In Maryland:- Auto insurance saves you from collisions. There are much more than collisions. They are hail storms or falling of trees. These incidents can damage your car very badly. In these circumstances, a proper auto insurance will help you in meeting the repair charges of your vehicle met with an accident. If you have injured someone with an accident, it will also cover the medical expenses of the injured. Let us discuss about the auto insurance facilities in Maryland.

Auto Insurance Requirements in Maryland:

The minimum legal auto insurance Maryland requirements are as follows.

● Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: $30,000 per person injured in an accident and $60,000 per accident irrespective of the number of persons injured
● Property Damage Liability Coverage: A minimum of $15,000
● Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage: $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident
● Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Liability: $15,000 minimum
● Personal Injury Protection: $2500 minimum.

Maryland auto insurance laws allows you to waive PIP and choose a limited option. Minimum liability insurance coverages are not sufficient to meet the medical expenses or repair charges of vehicles in case the accidents involve huge expenses. It is better to buy an auto insurance that is well above the minimum requirements and this alone will save you from spending from your own pocket after the insurance coverage limits are exhausted.

The other usual auto insurance coverage options such as collision, comprehensive, medical payments and the like are not required by Maryland auto insurance laws. This does not mean that these optional coverages are not good to have. They may be required by many drivers depending on their situations and demands. These additional coverages may be beneficial in the long run.

Auto Insurance In Maryland
Auto Insurance In Maryland

Shopping for Auto Insurance:

As far as the cheapest auto insurance quotes are concerned, the minimum liability coverages as required by law, is the cheapest possible insurance coverages. Maryland auto insurance companies offer auto insurance quotes through their websites and you can get those quotes for your analytical purpose. You have to compare auto insurance quotes of a minimum of five insurance providers to arrive at a better result.

Apart from company websites, there are many insurance agencies, who are ready to provide you auto insurance quotes of many leading insurance providers. These agencies represent those leading companies and they will be able to get you the right company with right coverage as per your needs and budget.

Your aim is not to get cheap auto insurance quotes alone as the quality of service to be provided by a company is also equally important. You have to look for the financial stability, satisfactory customer service, quick claim disposals and the like of your prospective insurance provider, as these qualities are to be given more weightage than the price.

Of course, online auto insurance is the best platform to buy an auto insurance as you will have varieties of options to choose from. Your aim must be to get an affordable auto insurance and not necessarily the cheaper one, as the companies that offer cheap quotes need not be the best.

Driving without Insurance:

Driving without a valid auto insurance or allowing the insurance to lapse without renewing the same are very serious offences in Maryland. The insurers are also required to inform tha Motor Vehicle Authorities when a policy has been cancelled or not renewed. If you fail to provide your auto insurance proof when demanded by law enforcement authorities, you will be fined for driving without a valid car insurance. If the offence is for the first time, you are liable to be fined $1000 and possibly up to one year imprisonment for providing false evidence of car insurance.

You will also be hit with five points on your license. For the second offence, the fine can exceed $2000 and the jail term may be extended to two years. You may also be charged with five more points on your license which may lead to your driving license suspension. The first and subsequent offences may also increase your cost of future auto insurance premium rates.

Disadvantages for not Having Auto Insurance:

It is horrible to imagine a world without an auto insurance. At the outset, people who are at fault in accidents will be paying money to the accident victims from their own pocket and their own savings and other incomes. Suppose a person is injured in an accident at no fault of his or her own is entitled to meet the medical expenses, vehicle repair charges and other expenses from the insurance provider of the person at fault. If the person at fault does not have an auto insurance, then the injured person has to meet all the expenses from his or her own pocket and savings and imagine how he or she will be affected financially.

If every driver has his or her auto insurance, then all these unnecessary expenses will not be there and the insurer will take care of them. Many people are known to have lost their assets for not having an auto insurance to prevent such losses.

Besides accidents, there are natural disasters of many types, which can destroy your car beyond its shape. No one can have control over these natural calamities. Due to heavy winds, trees may fall on your car smashing it to a new shape. This can end up with huge expenses to bring back your car for regular use. All these expenses could be avoided provided you have a proper auto insurance coverage.

Since every policy is different, you have to review your insurance policy. Each one has a different financial situation and accordingly, one may choose a different coverage over another for a variety of reasons. However, you have to be reasonably protected as no one can expect when accidents will happen and what type of damages they will bring in.


Now, you might have understood the importance of an auto insurance and how they are offered in different options by the Maryland insurance providers. As a law abiding citizen, buy the auto insurance that suits your needs and remain peaceful.

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