(Luxury ) Exotic Car Insurance Quotes 2021

(Luxury ) Exotic Car Insurance Quotes - The term "exotic" refers to vehicles that are considered to be very high-end, with prices ranging from $100k to a million dollars or more. Vehicles like Rolls Royces, Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis, to name a few, are covered under exotic car insurance. These automobiles can be classified as either collector or everyday vehicles.

(Luxury ) Exotic Car Insurance Quotes 2021

Everything You Should Know About Luxury Car Insurance

Such one-of-a-kind automobiles are prohibitively expensive to purchase, own, maintain, drive, and insure. Because they are among the most powerful vehicles on the road, finding custom parts to repair them can be costly and difficult. If you own an exotic vehicle, you'll need an insurance agent who understands how to properly insure it.

(Luxury ) Exotic Car Insurance Quotes 2021
(Luxury ) Exotic Car Insurance Quotes 2021

Luxury automobiles are associated with supreme comfort. If not for comfort, they certainly have a lot of styles. For some, owning a luxury car is a goal that they have worked hard to achieve. It could be another advantage of being born with a silver spoon for some. A luxury car, in any case, is a status symbol. To say the least, these cars are expensive, and damage to them can result in a hefty repair bill. This is where a luxury car insurance policy comes in handy. Read on to learn everything there is to know about luxury car insurance.

Luxury sports car insurance covers automobiles that are both costly and high-performing and are produced by a luxury brand such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Lexus. We recommend getting full coverage—liability, comprehensive, collision, personal injury protection or medical payment, and gap or new car replacement coverage—for these vehicles, which are similar to those for regular vehicles.

Face it, exotic cars are something that can be very difficult to insure. The reason is because of the cost, but in this article, we are going to talk about some of the ways that you can look up exotic car insurance quotes and how you can find the right car insurance price and coverage for you. No matter what kind of car you have, it is important for you to have car insurance coverage and not to break the bank. That is what we are going to teach you, so make sure that you stay tuned!

One of the first things that you are going to learn about is how to comparison shop all of the different rates that are out there for car insurance. One thing that you may not know about car insurance companies is the fact that there are a lot of them out there and that they all actually compete for business, so if you let your current car insurance company know that you are shopping around, you may be able to get a better deal, especially on an exotic car.

Exotic cars will have a higher car insurance premium, this is something that you will need to understand, however that does not mean that you need to just settle for the very first quote that you get. What defines an exotic car? Believe it or not, this is a common question that a lot of people have and exotic cars are typically defined as sports cars. Why are they so much more to insure? Well, because it is easier to get into an accident if you are driving a sports car.

The reason for this is because of the speeds that the car goes at and typically because the car is worth more money. That does not mean that your premium should be insane and here, we will discuss some ways that you can find the best price on insuring your sports car and how you can do that without truly breaking the bank!

Looking online and comparing all of the different quotes that you get is going to be one of the best options that you can do. The reason for this is because you want to make sure that you are getting the fairest and best price that is out there and how can you do that if you do not know what is out there? If you are currently with an insurance company, why not share some of your research with them, who knows, maybe they will match a few quotes and you will be able to stick with your current car insurance company at a lower rate.

Before you start your research though, you need to make sure that you are looking at the coverage and the policy that you currently have in place. The reason for this is because you want to make sure that you truly understand the type of coverage that you have so that your new policy will match your old policy so that you are losing no coverage at all.

Is Exotic Car Insurance Required?

  • Even if your exotic car is only for show, you should think about getting exotic car insurance. When deciding on the type of coverage you require, keep the following factors in mind:
  • If you drive the vehicle on a regular basis rather than treating it as a collector car, you're more likely to file a claim.
  • Even if you are a good driver who is unlikely to cause an accident, you should consider the potential hazards of other drivers on the road, as well as the possibility of an uninsured or underinsured driver causes an accident.
  • Even if you don't drive your car very often and instead store it in a secure, enclosed space, you should think about the risk of theft, vandalism, fire, and other potential hazards.

Why Should Your Luxury Car Be Insured?

Luxury automobiles are so named for a reason. They're made up of parts that are inherently expensive. As a result, damage to such parts means you'll have to spend more money to replace them or repair the car's damage. With luxury car insurance, you can rest easy knowing that any damage to your vehicle will be covered by the insurance company, subject to the policy's terms and conditions.

The Motor Vehicles Act is another important reason to ensure your luxury vehicle. If a vehicle is driven on public roads, this act mandates that it be insured with a basic vehicle insurance policy. As a result, if you own a luxury vehicle, make sure you have at least a Third-Party Liability policy in place.

What Does It Cost to Insure a Luxury Car (Insurance for Exotic Vehicles) 

A luxury car is significantly more expensive to insure than a non-luxury vehicle. However, according to our research, insurance costs do not always rise in lockstep with the price of your car.

On average, the luxury sedans for which we obtained quotes cost around $1,800 more per year to insure than comparable non-luxury models. While the luxury models' manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) was 400% higher than the more basic models, the insurance costs were only 63 percent higher. This could be due to safety features or the fact that a significant portion of your insurance costs is based on liability coverage, which is unaffected by vehicle price.

The cost of your luxury car insurance policy will be determined by the following factors:-
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Age of the Vehicle
  • The place where the vehicle is being driven
  • History of a claim
  • Bonus with no claim (If applicable)
Aside from the aforementioned factors, the cost will be determined by the type of policy you select and the insurer from which you purchase the policy.

2017 Vehicle Make & Model  MSRP  AAC (New York)  AAC(California)
Mercedes Benz 550S Sedan $96,600 $5,384 $4,688
BMW 740i Sedan $81,500 $5,034 $4,631
Honda Civic EX $21,140 $3,337 $2,887
Toyota Camry LE $23,070 $3,409 $2,855

Hagerty, Grundy Insurance, and PURE Insurance are among the top companies that offer specialty auto policies for exotic cars. You may need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for these policies:-
  1. Your vehicle must be of a certain value or age (over $100,000 or 25 years old, for example).
  2. Your vehicle must be in good working order.
  3. It is not possible for your vehicle to be your daily driver.
  4. When your vehicle is not in use, you must keep it locked in a garage.
  5. You must be at least 25 years old and have a clean driving record.
When evaluating your driving record, these insurers are often more concerned about serious driving violations such as DUIs, reckless driving, and excessive speeding. Even if you have a few minor infractions on your record, you may still be eligible for these policies.


In New York City and Los Angeles, we obtained auto insurance quotes from Allstate and State Farm for a 40-year-old man and woman with a clean driving record. The following coverages were included in the policy:-
  • For bodily injury liability, you can get up to $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident.
  • Property damage liability of $50,000
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage of $25,000 or medical payment coverage (if PIP was not offered).
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.
  • With $500 deductibles, you can get comprehensive and collision coverage.

Luxury Car Insurance Cost

How Exotic Car Insurance Rates are Affected by Storage and Usage

How you use and store your exotic car is undoubtedly one of the factors in obtaining exotic car insurance. For example, you might only use it for a Sunday drive or a car show every now and then.

Some exotic car collectors keep their vehicles in a secure, enclosed facility or garage. Others purchase a high-end vehicle to use as their primary mode of transportation.

Both of these types of exotic car owners may require exotic car insurance, but the types of coverage will vary, so talk to your insurance agent about it.

The car insurance premium calculator can be used to calculate rates for luxury vehicles. A car insurance premium calculator, which can be found on the websites of digital insurers, can provide you with free luxury car insurance quotes. You only need to enter some basic information about your car to get an estimate of the premium cost of your car's insurance policy.

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