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Life Insurance Quote (Affordable Life Insurance = Get Started on Your Plan Today) - Investing in a life insurance policy can be simplified down to insuring the financial security of your family in the event of your untimely death. Even though the majority of Americans who can afford a life insurance policy tend to purchase one, a 1998 study taken from the American Council of Life Insurance revealed that the average coverage amount per insured household is simply not enough. This number, approximately $179,000 of coverage, might seem like a relatively large sum of money, however it is broken down to reflect three years of personal income, which isn't necessarily a great deal of time to recover both emotionally and financially from the loss. Generally speaking, it is recommended that a life insurance policy cover 5 - 8 times the amount of the policyholder's gross annual income, allowing for a period of 5 - 8 years through which the beneficiary and family can "get back on their feet." Lets See - Life Insurance Quotes - $10/Month Final expense Plan

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Quote

When trying to figure out an appropriate amount of life insurance coverage for your personal situation, you can employ the use of a life insurance calculator to get a feel for some specific numbers. A life insurance calculator can provide you with a quote estimate based on the inclusion of the following pieces of data:

  1. Amount of income to be replaced
  2. Percent of income needed
  3. Current interest rate
  4. Inflation rate: Estimate the future value of your money
  5. Number of years to be covered
Life Insurance Quote
Life Insurance Quote

Life insurance quotes are engineered in a way to try and best represent the policyholder. If an insurance company is going to insure your life, they want to know what kind of lifestyle you lead, so that they can better judge how much you should be getting charged for the coverage they provide. That is to say that a 30-year old healthy female is more likely to have a less expensive life insurance policy than a 50-year old male with a history of heart problems. Insurance is a business after-all, and providers are in the business to make money. Prior to getting coverage, you will need to go through a series of tests and forms so as to offer the providers an inside look into your health, your history, and the chances that your policy will one day be cashed in.

E.g. If a drug test comes back showing signs of large amounts of heroine, or an equally fatal drug, in your system, you'll be hard pressed to find someone with enough faith to insure you.

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Life Insurance Quotes:-

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