AAA Auto Insurance Quotes 2021 - Car Insurance

AAA Auto Insurance Review 2021 - American Automobile Association was founded, in 1902, as a lobbyist company, comprised largely of automobile enthusiasts (motor clubs etc.), who wanted to form a stronger, collective bargaining power - particularly, at the time, to address terrible road conditions. The company has since diversified its efforts while maintaining its primary objective to make conditions better for motorists. Nowadays, their efforts are being directed towards road safety programs and offering quality auto insurance plans to potential clients.

AAA Auto Insurance Quotes 2021 - Car Insurance
AAA Auto Insurance Quotes 2021 - Car Insurance

The interesting thing about AAA Auto Insurance is that it varies, somewhat, by state and the various entities, in each, have their own business practices and policies. One common reputation, among all instances of the company, is that of offering roadside assistance to its clients. These services include tyre changing, retrieving keys locked in a vehicles, assistance with automobile failure, and repairs, etc.

Again, due to the structure of the company, its reputation varies from state to state. Generally, however, the company maintains a good reputation as far as paying out just claims is concerned. There have been no high-profile cases of policy holders not getting their rightful claims handled accordingly. This reliability has earned them popularity among their clients. Particularly, when compared alongside its 24 hour roadside assistance offering, backed by its own reserve of mobile aid vehicles, AAA insurance compares favorably with its competitors from a service standpoint.

Apart from its service benchmark, AAA has had a reputation, since its inception, of vigorous support of motorist rights. This policy manifests itself in the company's support of legal measures (traffic laws etc.) that serve to aid this cause, and fierce opposition of those that seek to inhibit said rights. There have, however, been controversial examples of the company breaking this policy in favor of financial gain at the expense of clients, and motorists in general. One such example was support of a traffic citation tax in Virginia which could have acted as a factor in reducing the number of claims. Some other positive measures taken by AAA include moderate investment in raising motorists awareness of problems affecting them, such as "speed trap" towns like Lawtey, Florida.

While the company is diverse, and does not center exclusively on insurance, its performance in this field is as good as, if not better than, that of its purely insurance based competitors. This may be due to its pro-activity, outside of providing good customer claims service, in ensuring a better driving experience by motorists - which in turn attracts their favor, and business. At the same time, it should be remembered that each instance of the company varies from state to state and potential clients should find out more about the one relevant to their area before buying a policy. In addition, agents for AAA are often very helpful and can aid you in making the right insurance decision.

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