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Welcome friends, today in our policy bazaar car insurance post, I will know in this article how we buy car insurance online from the policy bazaar. I am going to tell you how we can do car insurance online sitting at home by ourselves. Why is car insurance necessary? & What is the Difference between Comprehensive and Third Party Insurance - First of all let me tell you why car insurance is necessary, why it is necessary for everyone to get car insurance. According to the Motor Vehicle Act of the Government of India, every car owner should get his car insured. Friends, if you do not have car insurance and if you are caught by the traffic police in this situation, then you may have to pay a fine for it. To avoid this situation, it is very important for you to have car insurance. Apart from this, there are many benefits of car insurance, that I will tell you one by one.

  • If you are driving and if your car gets into an accident by accident, then whatever damage is done to your car in that situation. All of them will be paid by the insurance company.
  • If you have car insurance and the owner or driver of the car who is driving dies or becomes disabled. So even in that situation, the insurance company puts on a protective cover for you. 
  • The 3rd reason is, If your car has been in an accident and it has caused damage to a third party. Due to which a case is made against you, then the insurance company will also pay for it.

Friends, we have told you some benefits of car insurance, why we should get car insurance, now we tell you how to get car insurance

Online Bike Insurance From Policy Bazaar

Friends, when you take a car insurance policy, you are given 2 options there.

  1. Comprehensive/Standard
  2. Third Party Insurance

Comprehensive VS Third Party Insurance

Comprehensive/Standard - If you buy insurance in the comprehensive mode, then the insurance company will compensate for the loss of other person along with you. 

Third Party Insurance - Only the insurance company compensates the third party

Suppose, you are driving and the third party owner or driver dies or his car breaks down completely. Or else the goods kept in it get destroyed. So in this case, the insurance company only compensates the third party, if you have suffered a loss due to this accident, then the insurance company will not Compensation damage you.

Note:- That's why I will suggest you whenever you buy insurance, buy it in Comprehensive / Standard mode only. In this, you get the cover of both the third party and yours.

Friends, you should also know that what are the things you should keep in mind while buying car insurance

First of all let's talk about (IDV) - Friends, What is IDV Value, if you do not know then I will tell you "What is the market value of your car, it is determined by the insurance company, which we call IDV Value"

No claim bonus (NCB) -  Friends, if you have not taken any kind of claim from your previous insurance company, in such a situation when you buy new insurance. So at that time you are given a discount *That's why you should also pay attention to the no claim bonus*.

ADD-ON Coverage - The insurance company offers various types of add-on coverage such as accessories cover, no claim bonus, zero depreciation, road side accident cases. For your convenience, you can take add-on coverage so that you can get more benefits.

Zero Depriciation - When your car gets into an accident and your rate is broken in this accident, then you do not need to spend money in this situation. For this, the insurance company will get your car repaired for free.

Now let me tell you why you should buy car insurance online - The advantage of buying car insurance online is that you get more and more benefits at a lower rate. For which policy Bajaar is a very good Insurance provider website. You can buy insurance for your car online by visiting the Policybazaar website from there. Friends, I would recommend you to buy your car insurance policyBazaar only because it gives you many benefits. 

Friends, when you visit the Policybazaar website, you will get to see the car insurance plans of more than 15 or more than 20 companies. Friends, here you can buy car insurance online from any one company according to your budget and requirement after seeing good benefits according to you. If you do not have much knowledge about insurance then I would advise you to consult an insurance provider.

The biggest advantage of buying car insurance online from the policy market is that here you will get more and more benefits at a very low rate. And if you want, you can buy insurance from an agent, or from a bank or from an agency. You will get to see less than all these rates on the policybazaar website. 

When you make a claim for online car insurance from the Policy Bazaar website. So at that time the dedicated team of Policybazaar helps you.

Policybazaar has its own app for renewing your own insurance, through which you can also renew your car.

Friends, we have told you the benefits of online car insurance from the policybazaar. Now I will tell you step by step in details how you can take your car insurance from policybazaar.

Car Insurance Online From Policy Bazaar
Car Insurance Online From Policy Bazaar

First of all visit the policybazaar website.

"You will get all the information related to the car on the car insurance sleep."

There you have to click on the option of car insurance as shown in the image.

Click on car insurance, you have to enter your vehicle number there and then click on view plan

As soon as you click on View Plan then the next window will open where you will be asked which company your car belongs to. Now you have to select the name of your car company.

Then after that you will be asked the model number of your car

2021 Buy Car Insurance Online From Policy Bazaar
Buy Car Insurance Online From Policy Bazaar

Now you have to select whether your car is petrol or with CNG gas.

Now the variant of your car will ask. - Select Your Car "CC".

Now you will be asked that in which year your car was registered, you have to select it.

Now it will ask you your basic details like what is your name, email, phone no. After filling all this you have to click on View Plans.

As soon as you click on View Plan you will be asked what was your policy last year, you have to select it here

Now you will be asked that you have to select the date when your policy expired. If you do not remember the date on which your policy expired then click here "you don't know the policy expiry date".

  1. Here you will now be asked to tell you when your policy was expired.
  2. Now you will be asked whether you had taken your claims in your policy taken last year or not.
  3. According to you, you have to fill all the details Correctly.

Now you will see the list of all the car insurance online provider companies and their plans from the policybazaar.

Now whichever company you have liked the plan, then you have to select it, here you will also be shown the market value (IDV) of your car. 

  • All companies see the different value of your car.
  • Click on whichever company's plan you liked, after clicking you will be asked. How much was your no claim bonus which was given to you last year.
  • Select your No Claim Bonus and then click on Continue If you don't know then click on You "Don't Know My Previous NCB.
  • If you have clicked on your Don't Know My Previous NCB, then you will again be shown the same screen refreshed and now you have to select the same company.
Now you have to fill all the details of your car properly.


CAR IS OWNED BY - A COMPANY [If the car is given to you by the company then select the company] OR AN INDIVIDUAL [If you have your own car then select individual]

Now you have to click on Pay Securily

Now you are in your last stage, how do you want to make your payment, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Upi, Wallet, EMI.

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